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Monday, April 18, 2005
I am back from campus, and I have sucessfully completed both my couselling presentation and my work and organisations essay. Well, the presentation I have to perform tomorrow, but I really am not worried about that. I am doing the psychoanalysis section, so it'll be pretty easy.
On the other hand, my work and organisations essay is the biggest POS I ever wrote. But it's all Ok. As long as I still get 63% or more on every piece of work from now on (and on my counselling essay, which I've not got back yet) then I will still scrape a 2:1.

Also, while procrastinating yesterday, I found this little article. It bascially describes the major differences between what Microsoft thinks about Open Source, and the truth. MS are clearly scared of the Open Source movement, that why we get the FUD marketing strategies, like the "Get The Facts" campaign. A good read, very enlightening.

Catherine's not here right now, she's doing her presentation for her dissertation, if he does it as well as she's been doing it here, for me, she'll be fine, though. Since she's not here, I'm listening to my music. She won't let me listen to rap music when she's here. Don't get me wrong, I don't listen to 50 Cent or any of that "I'm so cool cos I used to sell drugs and I sleep with lots of women" stuff. It was all Ok about ten years ago, and I still listen to NWA and 2Pac, BIG etc... But nowadays, it's all awful and overdone... Bah!!!

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