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Monday, March 14, 2005
Good News Everyone!!!
Wahey!! Great news!!


Excerpt From BBC News Article

Mr Eisner stood down as chairman after a bruising 2004 shareholder meeting.
At that meeting, a shareholder campaign led by founder Walt Disney's nephew Roy Disney secured a sizeable minority vote - 45% - against Mr Eisner, whom they blamed for poor financial performance and a hostile bid from cable TV firm Comcast.

They Finally got rid of that idiot... Hopefully we'll see more original Disney cartoons now, and less silly hour-long sequals... Roy Disney has been a blessing over the last year... And if anyone's got a few grand to invest, share prices have fallen 1.5% in the last few hours, so it's looking like a great option, and now Eisner is gone, profits will come back up and we'll all be happy!!

In Other News: I finally got my essay done!! It's been handed in and everything... I forgot to hand in a copy on disk, so I gotta remember to do that tomorrow, else I'm in trouble... Well, I'm gonna watch that Super Eruption thing on BBC, so goodnight!!

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