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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Finally found the time!!
So it's been a while since my last update. Alot has happened since then:

and I'm moving around the office helping different sections with their Firstly, I applied for a permanent job at work (I was only on a fixed-term contract) but I had to settle for a demotion in order to get the permanent position. Apparently, the application form I had showed to various managers and senior managers, all of whom had said it was really good, was actually quite bad... It's a conspiracy!!! Not to worry, though, as I've been 'deputised' to the grade I was at before, as I'm fully trained and competent on alot of areas of the business' arrears, so it's not all bad and there's another recruitment drive at the moment, though.
*fingers crossed*

Well, we finally moved house in the end and we've been here about four weeks now. And what a hard four weeks they've been, I haven't had a single weekend where I've been able to just sit down and relax, if only for half an hour. We spent last week mostly with no hot water and no heating, as British Gas were putting in a new central heating system. The old system wasn't working properly and although the boiler made hot water, it never got upstairs to the tank, such a waste of money...
Anyway, British Gas were really good, although the specific plumber we had was awful. British Gas have been great, though. So, this weekend, Catherine decided we were sorting out a new bathroom... When will it ever stop!?!

There's also other stuff going on... And I will post a pic of Rocky Horror from October (yeah, we went again!!) when I have time, but this is all I have time to sit down and type at the moment.

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