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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
I passed my driving theory test!! 33/35 for the MCQ bit and 55/75 for the Hazard Perception bit... Pretty good considering the monitor's refresh rate was piss poor and was interfereing with my ability to watch the videos!!
As if you needed to ask, Catherine got full marks for the MCQ bit and about 66/75 for the Hazard Perception... Give it 2 months and we'll be running over your pet cat/dog (delete as applicable) Mwahahahahaha!!!

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R.I.P Mandrake/Mandriva - Long Live Ubuntu
Originally posted on my MSN Spaces Blog yesterday (so dates may be a *little* wrong)
Well, then. I've decided I Love ubuntu (kubuntu to be precice) and I've finally rid myself of dependency hell with mandrake/mandriva. ubuntu is a FREE linux distribution based on debain. While I'm no fan of debain, I love apt-get so much more than urpmi (which was evil, yes, evil... like the fru-its of the de-vil *nod to Mike Myers :p*)
lol... Anyway. I installed ubuntu and then:
"apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"
from a terminal in gnome to install kde (best to do it that way round than install kubuntu from the off and wind up with problems with GTK etc. lol.)
I can now say that I finally feel free to stay in linux more often than windows, and as soon as pc games will play on linux, I will ditch microsoft forever!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!
In other news. I have my Driving Theory exam tomorrow and I've not revised for it...

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Thursday, June 09, 2005
I just found out that I didn't get the teaching job in the end... I'm gutted!! But I'm off to the LCR tonight, so hopefully that'll cheer me up...

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