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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Free Advertising??
WTF... I just went through all my comments and they're all people advertising stock and books and stuff. Jeez, who'd have thought blog comments would be treated as free advertising space... Who'd have thought enough people looked at my blog to even consider it an effective use of time to advertise here specifically...

Well, just incase you're thinking about advertising here... I've just deleted them all, don't bother :p


Monday, September 05, 2005
How Nerdy I Am!!!
I just took this quiz... Apparently, I'm only a mid-rank Computer Geek..

My computer geek score is greater than 71% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!


Busy Busy Busy...
Ok, since my last update, Firefox has been crashing everytime I came to post here, and I refused to use IE, so there's not been much updating happening here...

Well, things have been busy recently... I've had so much happening over the last few weeks, I've not even had time to go out into Retford... Not impressed!! There's a few people who'll be thinking I'm avoiding them (Wenna, Becca, I'm not avoiding you!! I've just been busy!!)
While I am still no closer to finding a job (I must have put in about 40 applications in the last 3 months - See why I've not had much luck here) I have managed to find a house to move into in Leicester. We've been down there a few times, since the first house we found fell through. Catherine has passed her driving test, and mine is this Friday... Nervous!!!
Nothing really interesting happening at all, just stuff like that, boring and taking most of my time... Fun!!! :o(

One thing I do want to say, even though I doubt many people will read this. I feel a need to make a post warning people to never buy anything from eBuyer.com They might have the cheapest prices around, but their returns policy is awful. I finally got around to sending my camera back to them, and since that model is no longer being made, they've made me pay an extra £30 for the equivalent model, rather than upgrading me for free (which dabs.com and kustompc.co.uk for example, would have (and have in the past) done.)
Keep away from them!!!

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