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Saturday, April 09, 2005
I got WAY Behind Here...
lol, looks like I got a little behind on keeping this up-to-date compared with my MSN Spaces doofah. Well, I've been busy, I have had no internet the last 2 days, which was no fun at all!! Aside form that, though, I have 2 essays and my dissertation to write in the next three weeks. And then we're going to see Miss Saigon, so that'll be a nice end to the working... Well... It's 4 days before my dissertation needs to be in, but hopefully I'll have it done by then.

Anyway, here's everything you missed if you don't check my MSN Spaces (In chronological reverse order (newest first)):-

09 April 15:16

Well!!! I'm so not impressed!!!

After 48hours of no internet access due to Tiscali cocking up something in London, I get back online to find that the University has scheduled mainenence work going on today, so I have no access to the uni, still... This will make it four days that I've been wanting to work on this stupid essay, and I've not been able to... Not impressed!!!

09 April 15:43

Ok, Just a quick post, while I should be working on my psychodynamics of organisations essay...

I just found this while procrastinating, and thought it was funny

Click Here

I have only one small thing to say about that. You Know you're American when you think Everyone from England regularly travels on underground trains, and knows their way around London like the back of their hand

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09 April 15:43

I just took a "Which Incredibles Character Are You" test and...

Which Incredibles Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Which is certainly a complement, lol... Except she's a girl, though, to be honest... Could I really expect to be a masculine superhero??

I have just got back from therapy, and I really couldn't care about giving a full story of my holidays again, surfice to say, I had some great bits, thanks to Wendy, Sarah, Lauren and Dave. And the rest was pretty crap!!

Anyway... I just took another little quiz... "Which Forgotton Crayola Colour are you?" This one made me giggle.
Guess what I am...

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