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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Isn't it sad...
Isn't it sad how hard it is for people to give up their opinions or ever accept they're wrong?
People will blindly argue the validity of their opinion, against all the evidence that goes against them. You see them all over the internet "Windows sucks, use BSD/Linux/Something else" or "KDE rocks, GNOME sucks" and even "Linux is too hard, therefore it must be rubbish" and that's just in the OS crowd, they exist in all corners of the internet, anti-americans, anti-canadians (or pro-americans :p) anti-this anti-that... And they're our there in real life too.
I had an argument with someone the other day, about modern technology. This person, who I am not saying anything negative about, as they're a nice person and this surprised me, told me, and four other people how you have to have a camera in your phone and throw away your digital camera (even though the best camera-phones are 1.3MP, poor flash and no zoom (digital zoom doesn't count, as it's actually cropping and resizing) and my camera has 4Mp a 3xzoom and a good flash. Purely because camera phones are "in" and digital cameras are "three years ago" now this person is about 25 and wholly believed that they were right, being cool is a good enough reason to throw away money left-right and center... Even with four people disagreeing, we were each individually ripped apart, even though none of us need nor want a camera in our mobile... It's crazy that this happened at all. We all have different needs, but still because we don't all believe the same, we're somehow wrong?? This blind zealotry really infuriates me, why cannot people see that not everyone has the same needs as them, so might not use the same things, or whatever... It's crazy!!

Also, it annoys me how we laugh at sheep for following eachother, but we do it too... Stupid sheep, if one does it, they all do it, let's all point and laugh...
Oh, look that guy has his trousers tucked into his socks, we'd all better do it too, haha, those stupid sheep...

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Update from Spaces...

Well, it seems MSN Spaces has been updated and it broke a few bits and pieces of my blog there, though... tut tut Microsoft, never the fan of backwards compatability were you!!
I took a few more of the fun little quizzes that float about on the internet recently:

What Kind Of Converse Are You?

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You have a lot of friends. You enjoy a lot if different things like music, hanging out with friends, Going to parties, and basically having FUN. You are colorful, and aren't afraid to be yourself. You are a Multi Logo Converse.

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I also did this one... How Evil Are you... lol...

How evil are you?

But this was the best of all...

Haha, that quiz made me laugh my ass off!!!

Also, I couldn't believe that I missed national Winnie the Pooh day! It was on the 18th January, I can't believe I missed it. There was a test on the BBC News Website about it, but I only got 9 out of ten, I'm quite disappointed with myself... lol

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Sunday, January 15, 2006
Wouldn't it Be Nice...
OK, I've been thinking the last few days... Wouldn't it be cool if you could spend a whole day, living your life as an operetta?!? Having to sing every word you said... Sounds like fun to me. I've been trying, but I can usually only last a conversation or two, short ones at that, before I hit a bad note and laugh, or forget what I'm trying to do.

I'm goning to pecivere on this though... I will do it, probs at a weekend, though, can't imagine people at work being too impressed if I answer the phone in song!!

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