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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Winter Festivities... Bollocks!! It's Called "Christmas"!!
Ok then... I've just spent the last week getting so sick to death of the fact I can't call Christmas 'Christmas' It's not Christmas anymore, we have to be politically correct and call it "Winter Festivities" and they're not Christmas lights, they're "Seasonal Lighting" What bollocks... Like anyone's going to get offended because Christians celebrate their religious festival?

I live in Leicester at the moment, we just celebrated Diwali, Rammadan and Ede (Sorry if I spelled any of those wrong) nobody was offended by that, so why Christmas?

We in England have gone WAY TOO FAR on the political correctness we seem to dwell in. What's next? Banning the nativity in Schools? Oh, wait, they're already trying to do that... It's got obscene. I was so annoyed with this "you're not allowed to think for yourself any more, someone might get offended" attitude that we seem to be surrounded by that I went out and bought a wristband from The CPO Website

I'm sick to death of goodie-goodies telling me I'm not allowed to do/say or think this or that because someone might get offended, even though nobody actually does. I was not offended by the Asian-ness of Ede, Diwali and Rammadan, and no doubt, they don't care that we celebrate Christmas. I don't get offended by gay people talking about straight people, or telling jokes about us, and no doubt they don't mind when I do it, too... Obviously things can go too far, but it's stupid to curb the behaviuour of the majority to prevent the actions of a few.
Edit: I just thought I would add... I wonder how many kids got toy guns for Christmas... It's ok go glorify war/killing, but it's not OK to refer to Jesus in the name of one of our National Holidays... Pathetic!!
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It certainly seems that I wasn't wrong with my last post. I find it quite ironic that the only post here now with advertising comment-spam is the one where I complained about advertising comment-spam. Berloody Rediculous.

Anyway, If you haven't read my MSN Space you won't know I've moved house, it was MAD! So stressful and Catherine wanted everything sorted straight away, so no relaxing after lugging heavy boxes in from the van oh no!! We spent the following two weeks getting everything sorted, painting the house (we did ask the landlady first, don't worry) and moving furniture about. After that, I started looking for a job again, and again, I couldn't get one, cos I don't have the BPS accreddiatation. So there we go...
Then I finally gave up on pyschology, I'm taking the BPS Qualifying Exam in June and psychology can wait until after that. I joined a temp agency and I'm now working for the government. I'm an AO/Span 3 in the Tribunal Service in the Visit Visa section, dealing mostly with appeals for family visit clearance from Pakistan and Nigeria. It's not bad and it pays well, so I'm happy doing that for now.
I wrote to a few psychoanalysts yesterday, asking for advice on how to get to where I want to be. Afterall, I'm not going to do a PhD in clinical psychology, so jobs in the NHS are pretty limited and highly competed, fingers crossed I'll hear back sometime soon.

Also, I've not used Windows now for almost three months... hee hee!! Been using ubuntu linux, with KDE (not kubuntu, ubuntu with KDE) and once I have the time, I'm planning on playing around with linux from scratch to learn a bit more, before settling with gentoo, since LFS doesn't have a very easy update mechinism.

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