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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Where are we going so fast?
I've just really started noticing, but why is everyone is such a hurry? Last Wednesday, as I was driving home from work, I was sitting in a traffic jam. The van infront of me decided s/he didn't want to stay in the traffic and u-turned into the opposite lane and drove away. As I was moving forward into his space, the car behind me pulled into the oncoming traffic and zipped infront of me into the space left by the van. I nearly crashed into the side of him (call me crazy, but I really didn't expect anyone to be pulling into that space) He was a single car closer to wherever he was going and the traffic was still stationary..

Then, lastnight as I was driving down the A46 at 11pm-ish. It was so foggy, you could barely even see the white lines on the road right infront of you in some places. But still, it happens. A white van pulled into the oncoming traffic and overtook three cars and an articulated lorry all at once. The 4x4 behind this car also tried to do the same and ended up pulling back in when he nearly drove head first into the oncomming traffic as he hadn't seen (through the fog) a convoy of oncoming traffic.

Where is everyone going in such a hurry that a single car length is worth risking your no-claims for, and overtaking a lorry is worth risking your life for!?!
Jeez, people... Calm down. Are you all really in such a hurry to die?

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