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Saturday, January 06, 2007
Painting and such...
I am shattered, who would have thought that decorating your new house would be so tiring? Surely it's just supposed to be fun?
Okay, so I am enjoying it really, but my arms are killing me... The paint work was done on Thursday and so I spent today and yesterday sorting all the fixtures and fittings; plug sockets, light switches and the dreaded lights themselves. I swear, the existing cabling in this place is so shabby! I think it's all sorted and stuff, but still, my arms are killing me from reaching above my head all day trying to force this light fitting over a messy bundle of wires that protrude from the ceiling... But, as I said, it's all sorted now... I hope... o.O

Anyway, in other news, I finally got my promotion!! Wahey!! I'm already planning for the next one, too, fingers crossed please!

Oh, and before I forget, as promised before... New photos from the Leicester Rocky Horror outing!

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