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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Dreams and stuff...
Aren't dreams funny? Once I'm more qualified it's an area I want to do alot of research in. How you can dream about things you're worried about, how you can find solutions to problems in your sleep and other such things... It's all so strange, especially since the leading medical views on dreams are that it's simply random neuronal activity with no deeper meaning whatsoever!!

In other news, I am sorry for not updating more frequently, but I have been on detached duty at another office recently, so I have been getting up earlier and coming home later. Since I got a permanent job in the recruitment drive, but I will be taking a pay cut, I need to show how competent I am, in hope of getting a promotion back to the span I am at currently.

The house situation is coming along, seems we are almost ready to set a completion date, so I am getting quite giddy!!

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