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Saturday, June 10, 2006
OK Then
Well, still nothing hear about the mortgage, so I'm saying nothing about that, full stop...

I have just come across this on the internet, though:

It really shows that some people are willing to get behind open source. They're taking a free product, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, and packaging it up in fancy box, with manuals, and other free merchandise and then selling it with their own support package. This sort of thing is exactly what's going to bring gnu/Linux to the masses.

While I did testing for Dapper Drake (6.06) I think I will pass on testing 6.10 for a while, as Catherine has told me I'm not allowed to 'break' anything. So, until I am able to test 'Edgy Eft' (which won't be until after we move, so I might not be able to test at all...) I am going to follow the development and hope for a few small things.
1. When I turn off my computer I would like it to actually turn off, not have X lock up and have to turn off the computer manually with the off switch without it shutting down propperly.
2. Less dependencies. Why, oh why, should I need to remove superkaramba, just to remove xmms? They never depended on eachother when I used Mandriva/Mandrake.
3. Auto-mount FAT32 and NTFS partitions with write access to regular users. Damn, ubuntu's main audience is windows converts, they will mostly be dual-booting and will want to access their windows files without having to manually edit fstab tables or chmod the folders.
4. Less obsession with mono, dammit! I don't want extra kernel modules increasing my boot time to load apps that I want, but rarely use.

OK, that's my rant done, lol. See you all later.

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