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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
R.I.P Mandrake/Mandriva - Long Live Ubuntu
Originally posted on my MSN Spaces Blog yesterday (so dates may be a *little* wrong)
Well, then. I've decided I Love ubuntu (kubuntu to be precice) and I've finally rid myself of dependency hell with mandrake/mandriva. ubuntu is a FREE linux distribution based on debain. While I'm no fan of debain, I love apt-get so much more than urpmi (which was evil, yes, evil... like the fru-its of the de-vil *nod to Mike Myers :p*)
lol... Anyway. I installed ubuntu and then:
"apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"
from a terminal in gnome to install kde (best to do it that way round than install kubuntu from the off and wind up with problems with GTK etc. lol.)
I can now say that I finally feel free to stay in linux more often than windows, and as soon as pc games will play on linux, I will ditch microsoft forever!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!
In other news. I have my Driving Theory exam tomorrow and I've not revised for it...

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