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Saturday, May 14, 2005
Well, what can I say??? Revision is as boring as hell and I can't really be bothered with it, only problem is, there's nothing better to do, really... Afterall, everyone else I would do stuff with is revising. As a result, I've very little to post here. To distract myself from the boredom that is life (at the moment) I'm inviting everyone that I think will come (so if I haven't invited you, it's likely cos I think you're too busy, or I don't think you would want to come see me!!) to come and stay here in Norwich with me after the exams. Was gonna have Wendy down next weekend, but Catherine has exams all around then, so it's pretty harsh on her to have drunken people preventing her from revising, sac. Well, hopefully I'll see you all soon. I'm home in about 6 weeks!!

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