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Thursday, April 28, 2005
I got my dissertation handed in!!! Deary me, what a day!!! It was 'done' in a manner yesterday, but it was 800 words over the word limit. I lose 2% off my grade for each 100 words, so I couldn't afford 16% off... It was all cut down and under the limit at 2:30 today but I accidentally saved the wrong version of my discussion... I lost the new cut-down version and reverted to the yesterday version... Idiot!!! Well, I was desperately trying to get it back to a decent state, and I'm not sure if I did, but still... It was handed in on time (JUST!!) so whatever happens happens now...

Oh, also, Catherine and I went into town lastnight... We went to see a play

YAY!!! It was great, The Engineer was incredible, we got the understudy for Chris, but it was still pretty good, we're gonna go see the 'Original' Miss Saigon when the 'New' one stops touring and settles back in London!! Absolutely fantastic and I recommend seeing it to anyone who could ever consider it!! Fantastic!!

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