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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Today the family had a big barbeque, and well, being the best cook in the family, I was nominated for the cooking.. I hate the smell of smoke in my clothes, so I took my shirt off, and now I have the most horrid sunburn all over my shoulders... I hope it's cleared up by Friday... When I graduate!!

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Also, I forgot to post this here on 30th June 19:37 pm here's whet I've been upto the past few weeks:

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week-or-so. It's been incredibly hectic and I've been too busy. So... University is over and I've little-to-no chance at all of getting funding for my PhD. So, I've been looking for jobs, main problem is everyone wants at least two years of experience in the area... Funny, I don't see how I can get expeience without having the job first!!

We've also moved out of Norwich, so I am officially back in Retford, not that I have anywhere to stay, really... Mum's conservatory (where I was gonna stay) isn't gonna be done for three weeks -- at least, so we're staying at Catherine's.

We got our results this last week, too... Obviously, Catherine got a First Class degree, no surprises there, sac. I was well impressed with myself, though, I actually managed a 2:1 :-D YAY!!! Celebrated in Norwich with a bottle of pink champaigne (which turned out to be almost orange!!) and I'm off out into Retford tomorrow (Friday) night aswell!!

What else.... :o\ Oh yeah, finally got round to learning to drive, sac, I have my first lesson on Monday with Lauren Shreif's dad!!! Wish me luck!!!


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